Credit bureau-free loans for self-employed.

The search for entrepreneur loans is in many cases a special challenge. Credit bureau-free loans for the self-employed therefore sound particularly interesting.

In addition to a fair assessment of the income, it could even circumvent Credit bureau problems. Nevertheless, the offers should always be viewed with a healthy degree of skepticism. No bank takes disproportionately high credit risks.

Credit bureau-free loans for the self-employed – use simple options

Credit bureau-free loans for the self-employed - use simple options

Even with normal lending, the prospects for traders are not necessarily bright. Without an exceptionally high credit protection, the “loan despite a clean Credit bureau” is already refused. Nevertheless, there are various realistic loan options. Credit bureau-free loans for the self-employed are primarily the supplier loans of long-term suppliers. Anyone who has been listed as a supplier’s customer for a long time does not have to fear a Credit bureau exam. Our own experiences with payment behavior make regular Credit bureau checks superfluous.

A further instrument for maintaining liquidity in self-employment is the customer down payment. Customers who order goods or services that involve a high proportion of the entrepreneur’s upfront costs understand this measure. The customer loan is interest-free and enables the entrepreneur to pay the incoming invoices with a cash discount.

Factoring for quick invoice realization can also avoid a liquidity bottleneck. Customer invoices for which long payment terms had to be given can be quickly realized as part of factoring. The factoring companies assess the creditworthiness of the invoice recipient for their interim financing.

Credit bureau-free loans from abroad

Credit bureau-free loans from abroad

Credit bureau-free loans for self-employed persons from abroad can be useful instruments for corporate refinancing. Credit bureau-free does not refer to the insight into Credit bureau, but to the notification of the loan to Credit bureau.Liquidity bottlenecks can be compensated for without having negative repercussions on the general creditworthiness of the company. With such a loan, special focus should be placed on the cost of the loan.

The waiver of the Credit bureau entry must always be in proportion to the additional costs. Additional costs arise from higher interest rates for special offers with an increased credit risk. In addition, foreign loans are always associated with credit intermediation costs. Without the involvement of a credit broker, there can be no international loan without Credit bureau.

Personal loan without Credit bureau

Personal loan without Credit bureau

The personal loan is increasingly becoming the focus of financing options for entrepreneurs. Today, personal loans no longer only come from the Freundeskreis. Various portals have been established on the Internet that make it easier to contact private investors. The process of the credit process is very similar to an online auction. Personal data and credit details are published on the platforms for a fee of around USD 10.

Donors now have the opportunity to view the credit request and bid on it. Private lenders are free to make their own risk assessment decisions. They know the entrepreneurial risk, but they view future prospects differently than a bank. Credit bureau-free loans for the self-employed are therefore possible on fair terms, trusting the good business idea.

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